I Customized A Hospital, Then Paid Everyone’s Medical Bills

Birt 28 ágú 2021
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This was the most meaningful thing i've ever done
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    Subscribe if you haven’t already I might send you $10,000 to help you out with anything you might be going through right now
    Also for those of you wondering, I want to use the money I make to keep helping people. The money we spent on this video will help a lot of people with portions of their medical bill short term but in the long run I want to make sure everyone gets the help they need and this is only just the beginning! I want to use my platform and money I make to really make an impact and change the world!

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      Jasper Dator

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      New fan from philipines 🇵🇭

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      I subscribe you almost 1 year😄

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      Do a dentist and paint and pay there bill for there braces.

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      I have now sub. You and your team rock :)

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  • Rayyan Zahid

    Rayyan Zahid

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    25 Year later
    ZHC: Today I am going to customize the entire earth in just 365 days

  • Analiza Moises Caringal

    Analiza Moises Caringal

    12 mínútum síðan

    hi I'm from Philippines 49 years old, I'm a cancer patient breast and ovary both stage 3 A on my breast and C on my ovaries. my husband got pneumonnia and he needs oxygen always. I hope and pray you could help me too. we stay home now.

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    Bailey Houl

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    Some has onions in the room 😫

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    Hlw ZHC i want to conatct you.plz plz plz

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    Your making people feel happy and i appreciate

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    I never won a giveaway I am thinking it's fake they are fake I think

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    This is the best video ever❤️💛💚💙💜⭐️

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    To this

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    At 9.36 I was tearing up a bit

    Although rip his bank account

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    I couldn't stop smiling and my eyes teared up a few times. Zach you and your team are awesome people. Keep up the Great work.

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    This is amazing ❤️😢

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    This was crazy



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    Zócalo el de agua de los autos en donde

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    When are you making a spaceship

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    This is amazing to you think you can do a plane or a big house

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    I swear to god I wanted to cry so badly



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    Sleep deprivation is funny to watch that is everything
    Edit: let’s take a moment of silence to Zach and his crew for there loving hearts

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    You should customize a grocery store

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    Thank you!!!

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    My family really needs 10,000 because my grandparents need it for the rent

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    ZHC=Chinesse version of mr beast

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    Next thing we now there is going to be a video of him customizing the White House and then becoming president.

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    Next up: I customized Africa and ended world hunger

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    Christina Landy

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    My daughter is staying with her dad because I was homeless and am in between places. She's so unhappy there, it's a toxic environment. I'm just started working and have until the end of October to leave where I am and find a place. I'm having a hard time trying to find a place that doesn't want six months rent up front because I have an eviction on my record from years ago. Idk what I'm going to do .

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  • michael howell

    michael howell

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    With it being one of the largest hospitals in the world $200k isn't going to go far. I was in a near fatal accident a few years ago and one surgery was $285k.

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    I subsribed qnd i told my friends about it

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    Are you crying Zach

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    You should paint a big Shrek in Baylen Levine’s house

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    ZHC is turning into a mr beast artist



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    this is epic

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    This dude is amazing thanks for helping out people in need your awesome man

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    Hes just making peoples day with YouTube vids and his kindnesss i wonder how he got so nice or if he is just orignly nice

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    vegens: *change team*

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    are the best I followed you ♥️♥️

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    50 Subscribers Without Video Challenge

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